Primix, Manufacturer of static mixers & heat exchangers

PRIMIX is a global company that provides industrial solutions for mixing liquids and/or gases without rotating parts. Whether you are looking for a mixer solution for a large-scale chemical process, cooling food or mixing nutrients in horticulture, PRIMIX offers you the right solution.

The excellent reliability of the PRIMIX static mixers and heat exchangers has proved itself over the last 30 years in a wide range of applications. Not only ordinary bulk processes and precision mixing at a military level but also critical processes for which danger of explosions, toxicity, corrosion and temperature sensitivity of the media play an important role. These are exactly the applications for which PRIMIX static mixers and heat exchangers can offer many advantages.

At PRIMIX, they believe that maximal and long lasting achievements during the process can only be realized by an appropriate design. In the design, they combine their extensive knowledge in the field of fluid dynamics with a meticulous way of working. All parameters and pre-conditions are considered before the design process is started. They think beyond existing paths and thus develop solutions for new applications and complex issues.

Static mixer – custom made
PRIMIX custom made static mixers are fully customized inline mixers that are totally adapted to the use and process flow. The static tubular mixers can be dimensioned for almost all volume flows, densities, viscosities and substance specific characteristics.
• No moving parts (motionless mixer), gaskets and shaft seals
• Low energy consumption
• Maintenance free and no risk of leakages
• Predictable homogenisation

Static mixer – from stock
The QDS (Quick Time Delivery System) static mixers can be delivered within a few days following your order and at very competitive prices. With QDS static mixers PRIMIX delivers the advanced technology of bespoke static mixers in standardized variants.
• Stainless Steel 316L or PVC
• More than 10,000 variants, DIN and Inch sizes
• Delivered within a few days
• Tailored to your flow rates

The advantages of PRIMIX
• Very efficient static mixers and heat exchangers that are connected 100% to the process
• Energy saving and cost effective, durable and maintenance free technology
• Partner for engineering firms and the industry with worldwide support
• More than 30 years of experience and a great deal of knowledge of fluid dynamics
• Full mechanical and performance guarantee
• State of the art R&D – with support from TU Delft and TU Eindhoven

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