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Successful installation of Boyser peristaltic pumps in Belgium with our long-time partner, Bombas Boyser

04 May 2020

Our final user is a European leader in the production of Molybdenum (Mo), a raw material used in many innovative products, from stainless steel to smart phones. With approximately 150 employees, they produce various grades of molybdenum in North Sea Port that are used in the metal and steel industry, the chemical industry and the electronics industry.

Application Data

  • Calcium hydroxide dosing
  • Sulfuric acid 30% dosing
  • Precipation sludge

Product Delivered

4 units x Boyser FMP-50 Hose pumps (CHEMICAL VERSION)


Variable, from 870 to 2000 l/h

Peristaltic pumps

Characteristics of the Boyser peristaltic pumps manufactured for Flowtec

The Boyser FMP50 peristaltic pump has a roller design in place of the pressure shoe. The design of the roller does not require lubricant, it imparts less tension in the hose, which reduces the useful life of the hose. Therefore, operating costs are much lower compared to other technologies and other peristaltic pumps. That was one of the main reasons why the client selected our Boyser peristaltic pump: the operating cost is very low.

The hose leak detector is located at the lowest point of the pump, allowing it to shut off immediately after the hose breaks, which provides containment and prevents the housing from filling up with the product. This peristaltic pump is applied over a corrosive slurry and is supplied with the optional Halar coating (ECTFE), which is widely used in a wide variety of chemical processing applications.

What are the main advantages of the Boyser FMP series peristaltic pumps?

Easy operation

  • Low starting torque
  • Smooth operation with very wide frequency range (from only 1 Hz.)


  • Low power consumption
  • Energy saving up to 30%


  • Easy hose replacement
  • Smaller rotor
  • No lubricant needed

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