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OBL XLC diaphragm process metering pump, delivered by Flowtec

09 September 2021

OBL XL pumps series (hydraulic diaphragm positive return) since they were launched on the market achieved a great deal of success thanks to the incredible price/quality ratio. They were further developed and improved with the XLB and XLC pumps.

These pumps, with cast iron casing, designed and manufactured in full conformity with API 675 STD and ATEX 94/9/CE, zone of danger 1/21 e 2/22, are suitable for 24/7
demanding industrial applications.

The OBL topline XLC pumps have high STD basic versions: flanged connections and double diaphragm with local visual rupture detection via pressure gauge, suitable for dangerous toxic, flammable and even explosive chemicals. XLC pumps are suitable for 24/7 industrial applications.

Double hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps
Flanged connections only (either DIN or ANSI)
Fully conforming with API 675 STD
Fully conforming with ATEX 94/9/CE, 1/21 and 2/22 zone of danger. Suitable for flammable chemicals thanks to the double diaphragm system
AISI 316L, PVC e PVDF wetted parts
With AISI 316L and PVDF wetted parts up to 75 °C pumping temperature
With PVC wetted parts up to 40 °C pumping temperature


This hydraulic diagram pump will be used to dose sulphuric acid 96%.
Delivered with a PVDF pump head, electric actuator, diaphragm rupture detector and special painting.

Flowrate up to 1000l/h and working pressure of 3 bar for this specific application.

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