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Authorized dealer of Hidracar pulsation dampers

02 March 2022

Since 1974 HIDRACAR S.A. manufactures pulsation dampers, oil-pneumatic accumulators and related equipment for application in all types of industries. They design and manufacture all their products and components in their own facilities.

HIDRACAR is an absolute leader in the field of pulsation dampers.

Flowtec has been working with HIDRACAR for years now and is proud to say we now are a certified and authorized dealer for HIDRACAR pulsation dampers.

At Flowtec we ensure that our range of products achieve the highest quality every day. With more than twenty years of experience, we know perfectly which brands make the difference in terms of technicity, design, durability and efficiency. We set very high standards when selecting the brands we work with. That’s why HIDRACAR is the perfect partner for Flowtec.

Their R+D+I team works on the continuous improvement of their products and the implementation of new technologies. The launch of new products, capable of meeting increasingly demanding requirements, is a priority for Hidracar.




More information on our range of pulsation dampers: Hidracar Pulsation dampers

Obviously we are very proud and thankful for this successful collaboration. Flowtecs biggest strenght is the fact we think along with our customer. Whether you are an installation company or a a large multinational with an international team of engineers, we are always willing to think about the best pump solution for your application. Thanks to our big range of pumps, accessories and our high-quality brands, we can offer a total package.

Please contact us in case of further questions: info@flowtec.be

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