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Stübbe X-Class (Standardized DIN EN ISO 2858): the beginning of a new generation of powerful heavy-duty plastic pumps

04 mei 2020

Aggressive fluids demand the utmost of industrial pumps. A fixed value for these types of fluids is the X-Class industrial pump from Stübbe, a heavy-duty plastic pump specifically designed and built for all types of aggressive slurry applications. Let’s take a closer look at why the X-Class is a fixed value.

X-class pump on high-performance test bench at Stübbe factory. All type of tests are possible!
  • ATEX – compliant (2014/34/EU)
  • 18 different pumps sizes, up to 1000 m³/h
  • Also available as close-coupled pump (BX)

1. Polyethylene is more suitable for abrasive liquids than polypropylene

In comparing industrial pumps for aggressive media, the type of plastic from which the pump is built, has a massive impact on its lifetime. Most brands use polypropylene as a standard, while Stübbe uses polyethylene. This UHMW-PE (ultra high molecular low-pressure polyethylene) is far more resistant to abrasive fluids. Resulting in more stable processes and a longer lifetime of your installation.

We offer our X-Class pumps in UHMW-PE at very competitive prices! Get in touch if you want to find out more.

Two Monoblock X-class pumps ready for start-up

2. High quality mechanical seal

All available mechanical seals were developed in-house and are based on an innovative mechanical seal module kit to allow flexible responses to any requirements.

For the single-acting mechanical seal, a bellows version or a high-pressure version for high inlet pressures (up to max. 8 bar) is available, which can be configured with quench and/or permanent or standstill rinsing, if necessary.

The double-acting Stübbe mechanical seal also uses the module system and covers particularly difficult applications.

Stubbe X-Class Inspection on site after 3 months of operation. Pump was still in new condition although running on a very abrasive liquid.

3. Complete metal chamber

Another distinguishing factor of the Stubbe X-Class is the complete metal chamber at the heart of the pump. The metal chamber design absorbs a significant part of the pipework forces.

The chamber design provides a certain protection in the event of sudden, strong leaks.

Due to this chamber design we meet pressure level PN16.

Stübbe X-class installed replacing other brand of plastic pump.

Get in touch

Do you or does your client have to handle aggressive chemicals? Get in touch. And we will tell you more about this powerhouse. And more importantly: if it’s the right solution for your specific case.

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