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Mixing & Dosing in the Food Industry

20 avril 2022

We would like to present our hybrid solution dedicated to the Wine, Beer and Fruit juices filtration. During the last few years we have been facing the so called “new normal” where everyone of us has been asked to make extraordinary efforts to keep us all “Safe”. We have been through hard times and OBL was always at your side. We have seen an increasing demands of quality solutions in the Food and Beverage business, in particular into the Wineries and Breweries sectors which is exactly where our Dosing and Mixing solution goes.

Specifically designed for wine, beer and fruit juices filtration, plunger or mechanical diaphragm H pumps integrate an exposed revolving shaft intended for driving a mixer. In the clarification process, a diatomaceous earth is dosed into the beverage and mixed counter current to the main flow, allowing for yeast cells and other particles to be removed without trapping molecules of aroma, flavor and tanning. This solution allows for dosing and mixing processes to be taken care simultaneously by a single device.

We do believe in H pump,  its extraordinary reliability and superior efficiency.

EC 1935/2004 « Food Contact Regulation » configuration available.




More information on these pumps: https://www.flowtec.be/pompen/obl-blackline-h-serie/

Need any more information? Please feel free to contact us: +32 13 67 02 00 or info@flowtec.be


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